Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are interested in brightening your teeth, improving one minor thing or would like to completely change your smile, at Oakdene Dental we can help you. Our treatment options will enable you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

Each treatment option has advantages and disadvantages therefore we will spend as much time as needed so that you can make an informed choice.

Oakdene Dental Practice teeth whitening
Oakdene Dental Practice teeth whitening


If you feel your smile would benefit from being brighter and whiter. Then whitening may be for you. Ask your dentist and he will be happy to discuss what results you could expect.


In some situations crowns or silver fillings may be more appropriate. However in most cases white fillings can be placed. White fillings give a much more natural appearance that is barely noticeable.


Veneers are porcelain covers that are glued over the top of teeth to improve the appearance. They may require some drilling that is often minimal. Your dentist can discuss with you what may be needed to reach the results you want.


Cosmetic crowns allow improved cosmetics with a strong restoration, however more tooth tissue removal is needed than a veneer. They are often used if a tooth is weak from previous fillings or decay.


White cosmetic fillings can improve the appearance of teeth whilst needing minimal tooth tissue removal. Your dentist can tell you if you may benefit from this or if alternative treatment may be more appropriate.


By removing the build up of plaque and tartar our hygienist can help prevent decay and gum disease if seen regularly. They can also remove staining making your teeth look brighter and whiter. Our hygienist will explain the best ways for you to care for your teeth and gums, which will help to prevent the need for further treatment.

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