General Dentistry

Maintaining the health of your teeth is the most effective way to ensure that you enjoy sound oral health and a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Preventive measures help safeguard against decay and bacteria build up, and may prevent the need for more extensive restorative treatment later on in life. To help our patients maintain their smile, we provide a range of dental treatments at Oakdene Dental practice. From simple routine cleanings to oral cancer screenings and the treatment of TMJ disorder, we are here for our patients.


Early detection and treatment of dental problems is the key to maintaining a healthy happy smile. During an examination we provide a 20 point detailed examination at each check-up.


If any problems are discovered we will discuss the issues with you and explain how they could impact on your dental health. We view treatment planning as a conversation and will give you all the information that you require to make an informed decision.


By removing the build up of plaque and tartar our hygienist can help prevent decay and gum disease if seen regularly. They can also remove staining making your teeth look brighter and whiter. Our hygienist will explain the best ways for you to care for your teeth and gums, which will help to prevent the need for further treatment.

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If decay is present or a tooth has broken, we can restore the tooth using a filling. There are a number of different filling materials including Amalgam (silver), Composite (white) or Glass Ionomer (temporary). Each filling type has advantages and disadvantages that the dentist will discuss with you. Prices will vary depending on the filling type and size, however an initial cost can be found on our pricing page.


We will always try to save teeth where possible, however for a number of reasons sometimes a tooth needs removing. Dr White has previously worked in an Maxillofacial Department within a hospital so has experience and confidence performing difficult extractions. We rarely need to refer patients onwards.


If the nerve in a tooth is dying then a root filling will be required to save the tooth. A root filling involves removing the dead / dying nerve, disinfecting and then replacing with filling materials.


If a tooth is heavily filled there is a risk of it breaking. Crowns can be used to hold the tooth together and keep it strong for years to come. Crowns come in different materials and our dentist will fully explain the best options for you.


If you have lost a tooth and would like the gap filled bridges are one of the options that can solve this issue. They are made in a laboratory and fixed to teeth either side of the gap. They are permanently fixed and cannot be taken in and out. The dentist can discuss with you the bridge options as well as alternatives to suit your needs.


If you have lost teeth and would like them replaced then dentures are one of the options. Dentures are removal appliances that can be taken in and out. There are different dentures options from plastic dentures to metal dentures. Your dentist can discuss with you the options and alternatives so that your needs can be best met.